IG Filmkultur is a coalition formed by numerous occupational groups and branches of film, whose purpose is to strengthen and preserve diversity in Austrian film culture.

Upon the renewal of the advisory board of the Federal Chancellery’s film subsidy, Minister for the EU, Art, Culture and Media—Gernot Blümel—nominated an entire group of people to the film and festival council who are not suitably qualified for this vital assignment, which in turn jeopardizes a successful model that was developed over the course of many years.

You can find the newly elected members of the advisory board here.

For this reason, we have prepared an open letter to Minister Blümel, demanding that he reconsider his decision and replace the advisory board with members who are qualified experts* in innovative film, and also that his choices reflect respect to gender-balance.
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Today it is only about innovative film, but in only a few weeks the position of Director of the Austrian Film Institute will be renewed..

We have to unite now because how the Minister handles important decisions will have an immediate effect on our work and our lives. We want to use the IG Filmkultur platform to combine all of our efforts—regardless of what area of the film scene people are from—together we can strengthen the foundations upon which our work and success are based. We need you to join us!

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